Tablescape made of adjustable elements for a food display
materials: mycelium modules (bio material), cement modules, mixture of cement-clay-porcelain modules

A collaboration: Noemi Niederhauser & Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup

Concrete, a component emblematic of city life and urban towers, meets raw clay, dug out at full hand from a river bed. Together they are mixed and fired, letting emerge clear cut shapes that burst with organically growing patterns. Referring at once abandoned domesticated gardens and cities’ overgrown, collided ruins; Yoo-TEK-tik blurs a micro and macro perspective. Praising the unseen, it acts as an ode to the humidity and bacteria proliferating behind walls, or located at the level of roots and moisture. Yoo-TEK-tik ushers a combination where notions of nature and culture, organic and man-made are dispossessed of any active-passive relationship; leaving space only for intuition and subjectivity.