Choreographing making and meaning in hybrid ways, Noemi Niederhauser’s projects are concerned with transcribing and reassembling cultural artifacts in order to create disruptive narratives.

Using discourses of ethnography, history or archeology and practices of the archive in an altered way, her approach leads to the creation of site-specific installations that aim to challenge historical and scientific narratives in proposing new systems of exchange and modes of interpretation.

Noemi Niederhauser’s projects have in common a constant need to cross the borders between different mediums and creative fields. Oscillating between sculptural and more functional use, the elements and displays she creates purposefully avoid an easy categorization.

Manipulating and blending craft processes with new technologies, working with sculptural aspects, sound recording, video or photography; the projects carry ideas of displacement, familiarity, and déjà-vu, but no exactness. With the threat and corruption of « when » and « where from », they interrogate the place of artifacts as discourses of knowledge and cultural value.

It is a practice that questions how the appropriation and will to understand cultural elements that do not belong to one’s own society or time necessarily leads to inaccuracy, misconception, speculation or fantasy. Instead of thinking of those notions as hindering aspects which should be avoided, these are allowed to become the intrinsic subjects of the projects.

Founding member of A-DASH
A-DASH Project Space

Selected exhibitions


We think is Squares / We love in Triangles

with the support of Pro Helvetia (CH)
A-DASH project space / Asklipiou 74
11471 Athens / Greece

Distinguished Diva

Launch of an online community platform
in collaboration with Adeola Naomi Aderemi
A-DASH project space / Asklipiou 74
11471 Athens / Greece

I Hope My Legs Don’t Break

Short Film Screening
A-DASH project space off-site event
Curation: Benjamin Cohen & Noemi Niederhauser
Kypseli / Keramikos (Athens)
and as part of A-LETHIA project
by Anton Kats for Documenta 14

I remember not remembering it very well

A-DASH project space
Athens / Greece
A collaboration: Eva Isleifsdottir & Noemi Niederhauser
A-DASH project space / Asklipiou 74
11471 Athens / Greece


Artists’ Cards

Elika Gallery
Athens / Greece

On est jamais vaincu
lorsqu’on est immortel

A project by:
Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup
& Noemi Niederhauser
Les Brenets / Jura

The wandering parade

Akureyri Art Museum / Iceland

No heroes around the corner

The Parfitt Gallery
Croydon College of Art
London / UK

Skammdegi Art Festival

Olafsfjordur / Iceland

Opening night/ part.II

Chabah Yelmani Gallery/ Brussels
293 Chaussée de  Boondael/ Boondaalsesteenweg
1050 Brussels/ Belgium



Navigation & trajectory

ACAC Aomori Contemporary Art Center

My brother is a green parrot

in collaboration with: Hélène Combal-Weiss
Chabah Yelmani Gallery
293 Chaussée de Boondael/Boondaalsesteenweg
1050 Brussels/Belgium

Curious artefact

Curated by Becky Campbell
The Art wall
Athens / Greece


Curated by Becky Campbell
Snehta/ Aghias Zonis 1
Kypseli / Athens

Hurts so good

Eva Isleifsdottir & Noemi Niederhauser
SNETHA / Aghias Zonis 1/ Kypseli / Athens
as part of: SNEHTA Residency


Chabah Yelmani Gallery
293 Chaussée de Boondael/ Boodaalsesteenweg
1050 Brussels/ Belgium

V&A graduates residency exhibition

Victoria & Albert Museum /London/
Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL / UK
Presentation of the project: My brother is a green parrot
A chapter of: Amnesia decides
By: Noemi Niederhauser & Hélène Combal-Weiss



Priprema! Pozor! Pad!

Magacin u Kraljevica Marka 8/ Belgrade/ Serbia

ECC2014 New Talent

Bornholm/ Danemark

Between the act symposium

Swedenborg Hall/ London / UK

Stop it! Degree Show

Lethaby Gallery/ Central Saint Martins College
of Art and Design/ London / UK



A poem without a tongue

a project by Random Order Collective
Noise and Whispers Exhibition/ GV Art Gallery
49 Chiltern St
Marylebone/ London W1U 6LY

The art Lacuna prize

Residency & Solo show
48 Falcon Road, London SW11 2LR

Tomorrow I’ll be Elsewhere II

as a part of Royal Academy’s Friday Late/
Found at the RA event
Royal Academy, 6 Burlington Gardens, London

Tomorrow I’ll be Elsewhere I

Curated by Sonja Vrkatic & Noemi Niederhauser
A-Side B-Side Gallery/ 5-9 Amhurst Terrace
London E8 2BT

An audio portrait of a place

Mapping the space between A and B
A project by Random Order Collective
broadcast & Live web stream radio event
Echoes Mapping/ Lisbon
Broadcast by

Be Open, Sound Portal/ Nomad lab

Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea College, London

Sounding space symposium

Chelsea College of Art and Design
theatre and Parade Ground/ London


21, rue de Genève CH-1003 Lausanne

Ceramica Contemporanea swizzera

Museo d’Arte Mendrisio

In transit

V22/ Bermondsey/ London

Puls gallery

19 rue du Page/ Brussels / Belgium




Boris Dennler/David Curchod/
Thierry Kupferschmid/ Noemi Niederhauser
ESF  art+ design/ Lausanne/ Switzerland

Show your colors

Espace Arlaud/ Lausanne/ Switzerland

Error design contest

Kornschütte/ Lucerne/ Switzerland

Ceramic event IV

Ô Gallery/ Forest/ Brussels / Belgium

Talente 2012

Munich/ Germany

Cast in form/slip casting

Handwerk Gallery/ Munich/ Germany



Renée Duc Gallery

Carouge/ Geneva/ Switzerland

Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition

MUDAC: Museum of Contemporary Art/ Lausanne/ Switzerland

Young European Ceramics

St-Quentin/ France

Accrochage vaud 2011

MCBA: Fine Arts Museum/ Lausanne/ Switzerland


Pro Helvetia Grant For Research 2016

Nominated for the NOVA Award 2014 /
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design/ London

Swiss Ceramic Association ( ACS) Prize for the diploma work 2010

Prize for the diploma work 2010
Applied Art school of Vevey/ Switzerland


Bruckner Foundation

Geneva/ Switzerland
June-September 2016

Litshus residency

Olafsfjordur/ Iceland
January-February 2016

Art for the environment 2016 residency

A partnership in between Berengo Glass Studio
Murano (Venice) and University of the Arts (UAL) / London
January 2016

Aomori Contemporary Art Center residency (ACAC)

Aomori/ Japan/ September-December 2015

Artist in residence / Croydon School of Art

London / March-June 2015

Snehta residency

Athens / January-February 2015

Graduates residency 2014 / Victoria & Albert Museum

London/ October-December 2014

National School of Art / limoges

Limoges / France 2012

Bungoro gama studio and gallery

Shigaraki/ Japan/ September-November 2009


Co-founder of the A-DASH project space, Athens, Greece together with:
Eva Isleifsdottir, Zoe Hatzyiannaki, Catriona Gallagher
A-DASH Project Space

Media and social communication manager
Bex & Arts 2017/ Bex/ Switzerland

Assistant Antony Gormley studio / London / 2014-2015

Creation of limited edition of objects for the MUDAC
Museum of Contemporary Art/ Lausanne/  Switzerland / 2012


MA Fine Art (with distinction)
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
London, UK

Applied Art School of Vevey, Ceramic Section