No heroes around the corner No heroes around the corner No heroes around the corner

No heroes around the corner. Chapter 2


Video (5:07) and mix media installation: wood, screen printed wallpaper, embossed wallpaper

No heroes around the corner is an ongoing project that takes its starting point from an archive catalogue of Swiss fabric patterns from the 20th century. No heroes around the corner, chapter II,  deals with one of the patterns contained in the catalogue.

This pattern, recorded as no.271, is a codified drawing to be used on a Jacquard weaving loom. Operating on the same binary system as a computer, the Jacquard loom is the ancestor of the modern computer.

By focusing on code as live material, and material as coded form, No heroes around the corner, chapter II, explores the possibility of the pattern no.271 to escape its initial state and become the starting point of an entire micro-order of relational objects, sounds and gestures. An ode to the act of weaving both symbolically and physically.

Through the eyes and ears of a composer, two dancers and a printmaker, no.271 is translated into an unforeseen choreography. It results in an interpretation and combination of the pattern through diverse viewpoints that investigates how sound and gestures allows us to both sense the abstract and conceptualize the tactile.

Special thanks to: Joao Pimenta (sound) / Briony Margaret Frances O’Callaghan & Olivia Rose (dancers) / Ben Gooding (printmaking) / The Croydon School of Art, London