I've always wanted to be here I've always wanted to be here

I’ve always wanted to be here


Wood, sand, 100x100x480cm

Exhibition held at V22, Bermondsey, London

For centuries, obelisks have been exported and replicated throughout the world in many different sizes and materials. They bring into play a notion of alienation and rootlessness, having been built in various different epochs and standing in places in which they do not belong « Those obelisks came as alien, just as the tourist who glances up at it in a moment of silent identification is also an alien »1. Obelisks create a form of subtly nuanced archeology in which the tenuous line between reality and fiction is blurred.

1. Mac Cannell. Dean. « The tourist: a new theory of the leisure class ». University of California press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1999