« Bolognese » designs 2 things: One of a kind ceramic plates and hand tailored shirts. Pieces for the everyday use and beautifully ordinary people.

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Fast fashion and ready made consumer goods clutter our spaces and lives, so often lacking soul and thus becoming void of significance to their beholder and user — too slick and standardized. We wish, with small and humble steps, to reverse this situation and bring a sense of wholeness and originality back to objects, embracing the happy failures happening through the process. Using left over matter and second hand shirts, we have designed unique pieces, playing with materials, patterns and colors. Pieces for the mundane everyday use and beautifully ordinary people, with their infinite variety of shapes and sizes.

Bolognese is available through online purchase or through our events: WIFE SHIT FOR FUCK BOYS. During those events, everyone is welcome to have a look, or share a homemade bolognese with us, or try one or the other of our creation, or all at once. « I make the best bolognese ever, believe me! » We have all heard this over and over again, we have voiced it all, sincerely. There is something to be said about the simplicity of the dish, its slow and long cooking, the handed down recipes of generations before us, the remembrance of happy dinners with family and friends, the thrill of swallowing with gluttony the long and thin pasta coated in the hearty sauce, coloring our face in a gradient of red.

There is a sense of community that inherently comes with the word, of a joyful coming together: a mixture of basic elements turned magical with time, patience and love. It is a melting pot of secret ingredients, experience and spontaneity. Who has never added this extra dash of pepper flakes to spice up the palate of surprised guests? or replaced beef with lamb because it was cheaper at the butcher’s? Bolognese is by essence in constant metamorphosis, a cauldron of wizard potion, an improbable mixture of infinite possibilities and ingredients.

Bolognese is: Jennifer Niederhauser-Schlup & Noemi Niederhauser